Permanent Cosmetic Solutions For The Busy Woman

Slay the day with makeup that amplifies your natural beauty.

Get your time back in the morning

No more sweating your face off

Find new confidence

Sound Familiar?

• My makeup never looks right.

• I’m constantly buying new makeup.

• I don’t have time for this in the mornings

• My eyebrows have disappeared!

• I have to do this again tomorrow?!

• I’ll put my face on in the car…again.

Take Back Your Mornings

More time to help your kids find those missing socks and shoes

Actually eat breakfast instead of a granola bar out the door.

Start your commute with the visor up.

The juggle and struggle is real!

I know how hard it is to try and put yourself first when everyone is depending on you. I’ve helped hundreds of women just like you find new confidence.


We Offer


Lash line enhancement

Lip BLush

How It Works

Step 1

Schedule An Appointment

Finally, take the time and put yourself first. Schedule an appointment and let’s talk.

Step 2

Plan Your Look

We’ll work together to find the perfect natural look for your face.

Step 3

Slay The Day

Love your look and take that newfound confidence and rock it!

Got Questions?

Am I going to look permanently surprised, or worse, like Groucho Marx?!

This is permanent, so we’ll work together every step of the way to make sure you love your new look.

Is it really worth the money?

Think about what you spend on that quality makeup you only get to put on half the time. You could pay for a sitter instead and sneak away looking your best.

Still Not Sure? Let’s Talk

We get that this is a big decision. If you still aren’t sure and have more questions, let’s chat. We can hop on Facetime or Zoom. I want you to be confident about your decision .

The Amplify-Ink Difference

At Amplify Ink, I know how hard it is to try and steal time for makeup in the morning. Suzy needs her hair brushed, and Tommy can only find one shoe. It smells like something is burning, and you’re already late for work.

But, You’ve decided to make this the year you finally focus on yourself. The problem is you’re way too busy to think about makeup, and it just feels selfish when so many others depend on you. It’s not fair that you’re expected to take care of everyone else while having to look your best.

As a mama myself, I know the juggle and struggle. I get how hard it is to make time for yourself when it seems like everyone else depends on you all the time. That’s why, when I started this, I became master certified in brows, eyes, and lips. You and your time deserve the best! Imagine waking up with your makeup on point. It feels like you just gained hours in the morning.

Here’s how the process works. Step one is to schedule your appointment. Then, we work together to find the perfect solution for you. We customize every part to your face. Finally, you’ll find new confidence to slay the day!

So, schedule your appointment now. Not sure you’re ready? Sign-up for a FREE facetime consultation. Stop the guilt of “stealing” time to try and put on your face before the kids wake up. Start your day with the visor up, loving your new Amplified Ink.